Follow these steps to upload orders into Stream

  1. Open the provided spreadsheet in an editor.
    A simple upload sheet with basic information and a more comprehensive upload sheet with additional information are available as templates.

  2. Add the order data into the appropriate columns, ensuring all order information has the correct format.
    A description of the fields available can be found in the Field Descriptions section further on in this document and in the notes against each heading in the spreadsheet.

  1. If you would like to have multiple items on an order, add an additional order row for each item. Please ensure the order number at the start of the line is the same for each item that needs to go on the order. 

  1. Save the file.

  2. If you are not currently in the Order Upload screen, navigate there via the Menu -> Order Upload option.

  3. Click ‘Choose File to Upload’, select the appropriate file and click Upload.

Your orders are now available within Stream as Unconfirmed orders.