It is possible to export vehicle defect data as a spreadsheet.  

You can do this for individual vehicles by clicking the 'Export' button in the 'Defects' section on the 'Vehicle Details' screen. 




This export provides:

  • The user who logged and who resolved the defect, 
  • The date it was logged, estimated to be resolved, and actually resolved,
  • Any notes on the resolution,
  • The defects status (In progress, resolved),
  • The location and severity of the defect.


If you wish to export this data for all of your vehicles at once you can change the 'Overview' section to 'Defects View' via the drop down selection and then clicking 'Export' in this section.  



This will show every defect logged in the system for each of your vehicles. If a particular depot has been selected it will be limited to that  depot.