If a member of your team leaves the company, it's really easy to remove a user profile within Stream. There are two different ways to mark a user as 'left' and you'll see the two different methods under step 3 of this guide. 

Step 1:

Click on the menu button in the top right-hand corner in Stream, then click on Users & Drivers within the menu. 

Step 2:

In the Users module on the Users & Drivers screen, click on the user profile in the list that you wish to mark as having left. 

The user selection will be highlighted in green when it becomes selected and the information in the Details module will update to reflect the details of that user. 

Step 3:

Method 1:

In the Details module on the Users & Drivers screen, simply press the 'Mark as Left' button to disable the user's account and set their 'Left Date' to be the date that you marked them as having left the company. 

Press 'Yes' to confirm you are happy to mark this user as left and complete the process.


From this screen it is also possible to Suspend user accounts, which will remove the ability for the user to log in to their account, without removing the account from Stream. 

Method 2:

There is a second way to mark a user as having left within Stream.

You can select a user profile in the Users module and then press the edit button. 

This will bring up their User Details screen.

Simply add the date they have left into the empty box and then click Save. 

This will confirm their leaving date and disable the user profile.